Thursday, June 01, 2006

Superman or Batman?

Recently i read The Tower Of Babel, JLA 02, (after buying it for the immensely low price of rs 35 at a second hand stall,yay) and was confronted with my age old conflict over who's the 'better', superman or batman.and it also made me feel quite uneasy, coz i absolutely sympathised with batman and his machiavellian manipulation (just love alliteration) and i couldn't for the life of me see why the other jla members were making such a fuss about it. In DC's words,:Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (Who watches the watchmen?). And maybe, just maybe, batman guessed wrong when he guessed how superman would vote.the man is an expert at ruining his own life! if youre wondering what i'm talking about and wish i'd shut up about men in tights, then look at the blog title. it's dedicated to humour, and superman.

well, to get back to my conflict, don't get me wrong, superman is and always will be my special favorite, not totally because he was the one who got me into comics and graphic novels, but because he's so completely the quintessental 'hero'.he's just so GOOD. and i don't care if you're thinking, bo-o-o-oring, coz however boring goodness is alleged to be , you can't have enough of it nowadays. in school , i'm known as superman-obsessed-he was the subject of my all india presentation!-but batman messes me up. i love clark- but bruce i can't figure,-or forget.tell me, anyone, what you think. and signing off, here is the one thing i love about each superhero.

SUPERMAN: EVERYTHING.but specially,the fact that he's the most powerful man on earth, and could do what the supervillains all want to do. take over the world. in a day. but he doesn't. which is why people think he's soft.which is why i think he's worthy of worship.can you even imagine what it takes to resist temptation like that? his whole life is about resisting temptation, even the small ones(eg.not looking at women-actually lois, coz he's faithful- with his xray vision!), just coz he's so good!!

BATMAN: his mix of strength and vulnerability. his reaction to his tragedy and his intensity.his magnetism. his scars. all women like a fighter who doesn't let his wounds stop him. but i like best that he's a vigilante, not a superhero. you see the difference?....and in his own way, he's just as noble as superman.

see my dilemma?...