Saturday, July 16, 2005

why am i blogging?

Who am I writing this to? Earlier I knew firmly not a living soul would read what I had written in the sacred sanctum of my diary, but I expect I always wrote with somebody in mind. The question is, whom do we write our diaries to? Whom do we have in mind when we cut out a line here; omit some incident ‘too special to share’? The one person we confide in? But I would never dream of letting my best friends see my diary! Maybe I’ll find my ‘soul mate’ when I can show my diary to that person, unedited.
But as for this blog, it’s for all of you (thanks for sticking it out till here, anyway). And if any of you think you might want to try for my hand by asking to see my diary (“can’t be much worse” psychology) then, well, don’t.
Today, when I was telling one of my [hundred] cousin sisters about my new blog, she went several shades of pale [slight exaggeration] and said “How could you tell some weird people all about your life, Ana?”(This particular sister keeps her own diary in a drawer under several layers of underclothing, last year’s history textbook, and sprays cloying perfume over the whole thing-don’t laugh, these are all tried and tested methods of keeping younger brothers away). I told her it was pretty much okay, because no one I knew was ever going to get their hands on my blog address, and that I didn’t really care about people like you [the patient person reading this] whom I’d never meet anyway. But as a parting warning, she asked me, what if some person I was bitching about (which is really the true purpose of a diary) saw that particular entry? Well, I don’t know about that, but anyone who reads this and then comes across something bad about them, please remember, I never meant to say anything like that, it was the heat of the moment, and forgive me (till next time).
Now before any movie starts, you’re kinda introduced to the main characters in it, which is what I’m not gonna do here-coz this is really for me and not you, and I already know my family and friends (duh) and you don’t need to know them. (Though you’ll probably get to know them if you read some more-just like you already know that I have loads of cousins and that one of them is secretive).
I guess I’d better sign off for now, another cousin’s calling me to lend her a book; so long for now!
Anasua (she who has no vice or fault, i.e. perfect).
P.S. you also know I have a huge Indian-style joint family (which is sometimes weird, but I love it anyway!)
P.P.S. you also know I have a propensity for italics, which I have to get rid of, like Anne.
P.P.P.S. why is it PPS and not PSS? Anyone majoring in Latin?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A blog dedicated to superman and humour

I’m a sixteen year old girl from Kolkata, India, and I’m starting a blog, this one, for no particular reason.I already have a top-secret diary kept snugly hidden in ……well, an equally top secret place, like 16 year old girls everywhere, so this public-diary thing seems kinda strange at first. I’m also used to the smooth scratching of my pen across blank sheets full of possibilities and the clackety clack of this keypad is not at all the same-what I think, and put down , is so very easy to delete out of existence, that I’m always editing, always revising, always worrying about whether that last line sounded right. But seeing that I’ve already wasted one paragraph whining about the very medium I’m employing to get you to read this, I’d better get down to writing something you’ll want to read.
For those of you who have read the Half Blood Prince recently, and cried (if you’re a girl) or hurt your fist by smashing it against the wall (if you’re a guy), I have a treat –it’s a site called and it has quite a few interesting points on Dumbledore’s death, which appears not to be one at all. Some of the points you might have noticed, but this site is pretty comprehensive, so you might want to print out the pages and wave them at your friends and quite convince yourself in the process-that’s what I did. Seeing my dire predictions actually alive in 12pt. Garamond had kinda shut the door on any optimistic hopes for some time, at least, and this site really stirred the incurable optimist in me. (It’s already wearing off, though.) OH God, I really really hope he does a Gandalf and comes back after all!! Also an interesting question I saw on mugglenet the other day-who would you prefer to have back, Dumbledore, or Sirius? Think about it.
I also wanted to post a link on an outrageous site I saw on the net a few days ago: . Check it out and save your splutterings of rage and tell me if you find a way to do anything to get the site off the net.I heard it had been petitioned off, but now it’s back and it’s horrible!!
Now, there are a lot of things I would love to discuss here, but not today, and now that my fingers are getting use to hitting, instead of gently curving around, I’ll probably write more and sooner.
Have fun, --Anasua Chatterjee.