Friday, January 12, 2007

It Could Happen To You....

A few days ago i met up with my friend sreerupa in Fame Hiland Park, near her house(our moms are friends and they tagged along too, like moms will). So we have fun, then head off to a eating plaza nearby and ditch the moms in a dhosa place (they're nice moms, very nice indeed, but can't go guy watching with your mom along) and sit down near a busy throughfare outside a shop(they had seats) with some nice crispy chicken.
So we're watching guys and eating,and watching, and making silly jokes and hilarious ones too as only the two of us can..we might fight a bit but there's a sort of mental wiring(don't get all inflated by the honour, sreeru) , watching and eating-me getting about 80% of the food-and rating the guys.well there's this guy there, and he's checking us out, but we rate him and move on coz we're like, only seventeen and he seems a bit old, like 25 or so.
so we keep being all funny(inspired to new heights by this guy with an intellectual french cut laughing at our wit) and he's laughing away and sitting there, and then we have to go, so we head off to the right to find the moms..and midway sreeru discovers she's left her bag behind(that's how we are.. once she left her maggi filled tiffin box in school for a week and what it turned into I will NOT describe here...i will when i feel like grossing people out though.)
so we rush back huffing and puffing and what do we see? no bag (duh), no man, and two tiny girls on our seats. so we scare them out of their wits and ask them about the bag, and they manage to say that the man picked it up, said something and rushed off, to the left. so we run hither and tither(no one says that anymore, i know) and finally come back exhausted.

the girls have scrammed, so we go into the shop and ask the manager about this man, saying he's a thief, we're gesticulating fiercely at this point. and guess what he does? he freezes us with a glare, takes out the bag-it looks like the holy grail to us by now-and says"the man left this for you".
with identical stunned and abashed expressions we rush out with our prize followed by the man's lecture on how people have no trust in others anymore ringing in our ears.
i go-"i told you cute guys aren't thieves"and sreeru says"okay,okay" and then she, ever suspicious, hunts in her bag to see if her money's there!
it is.
and along with it,there's something else.
her hand comes out with a torn-out half of a visiting card.
The man left us his phone number.

(that's why he'd walked off to the left earlier).we haven't called him yet. does anyone think we ought to? to thank him? and isn't the story out of a book? life is fun sometimes...